Happiness, friends, and family this Christmas

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As we are entering the Christmas season, I become more and more sentimental. I look at the decorations as we put them up and I am reminded of when we bought or made them together and it is so heart warming. Our family traditions have been formed and molded throughout the past twenty five or so years and we have kept the good, thrown out the boring/stressful, and created some of our own along the way. Reid (24) and Lincoln (14) are so far apart in age there hasn't been much common ground other than their brotherhood but as Linc is getting older and Reid is back in our town after his Navy service (Yayyyy!) it is sweet watching their relationship cultivate into a strong bond. Did I mention I'm more sentimental - I am in tears writing this now. In our family food brings us together the most. I love to cook the things that my family loves and there is nothing better to me than watching them enjoy all the sweets of the season. I also love ALL things shiny and sparkly so looking at and putting up Christmas lights are on the top of my list. I am typically annoying my family with Christmas music and I like to play the same songs over and over so this year I am going to work on a little more musical variety.  We also have to remember the reason for the season and watch Charlie Brown Christmas at least once. What traditions are your favorite and am I the only one feeling nostalgic already and it's only 12/1?? If you have a favorite Christmas song shoot it to me so I can add it to my too short playlist!  I know this is short but it is my first blog so bear with me :)  Hoping this time of year brings you joy and fills your heart with so much love that kindness just overflows. 

I wish you the blessings of happiness, friends and family now and throughout the year. Merry Christmas to your family from ours!